Why our company?


1. Premium raw materials and machinery provision, as well as operational control measures on quality assurance so as to satisfy customers.

2. The variety of products satisfies all customer needs.

3. Excellent printability with modern machinery and advanced technology up to 8 colors along with a wide range of packaging solutions.

4. Modern sealing technology for any sacks.

5. High-tech lamination lines.

6. Compliant with world standards set for quality management, and equipped with updated ERP software executive management.

7. Specialized and experienced personnel in different departments, especially production, quality guarantee, research and development.

8. High precision packaging for products’ distribution.

General types of films available:

a. FFS industrial sacks for petrochemical packaging.

b. General purpose 3- layer polyethylene films.

c. Bottom sealed and side sealed mega-sacks and custom printed bags in different sizes and dimensions.

d. Laminated Polyethylene films for dairy and industrial packaging and lamination of any paper, aluminum sheets.

e. 3-layered self-adhesive polyethylene film for coating polycarbonate sheets.

f. Basic or self-adhesive Black/white 3-layered polyethylene films.

g. Differently formulated 5-layered films to utilize, specifically in packaging perishable food, proteins and beans.

h. Thermal films.

i. Shrink films utilized in packaging of food industry and other industries.

Raw Materials Inventory:

LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE polyethylene with a variety of grades utilized in foreign and domestic petrochemical industries, and homo and copolymer polypropylene utilized for particular purposes, special plastics such as polyamide (PA), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and various types of tie layer employed in 5-layered films.

Moreover, special additives to improve physical and chemical characteristics of films required by the customer include:

a. Antioxidants: to prevent thermo-chemical oxidation.

b. Anti-UV (ultraviolet): to prevent harmful effects of sun’s UV.

c. Anti-slip: to increase friction between films and prevent slippage.

d. High Slip: for reduced friction between films.

e. Anti Block: to prevent unwanted film blocking and for tube films that open easily.

f. Anti-Static or anti static electricity: generated by anti-static additives and a process during production.

g. Cling-additives: to add cling to the plastics and boosters.

h. Fillers: such as calcium carbonate and talc.

i. Flame retardant: contains chlorine, bromine, phosphate and metal components.

j. Stabilizers and toughness enhancements: to improve the efficiency of film.

k. Colorful masterbaches: to produce light yellow and custom color films.

Also worthy to mention that all the advanced machinery of the company is equipped with high-precision automatic feeders (1 gram per100 kilograms) and offers accurate and engineered utilization of materials.