Self-adhesive Protection Films

Self-adhesive Protection Films


This product is used as a protective film for acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheet and glass.

1. Coextruded polyethylene films adhere to smooth surfaces without the use of adhesive tape.

2. It can be applied on glass, thick polymer sheets such as crystal acrylic, polycarbonate sheets and building stones.

3. High-quality printing capability in various colors and width.

4. Thin films are very clear.

5. Removal leaves no adhesive trace.

6. It is easily applied and removed.

7. Anti-scratch and wipe-resistant printing.

8. Removal leaves no adhesive trace.

9. 8-color printed images appear vivid and sharp.

10. Colors available for order are transparent, white and black/white.

11. The 3- layer polyethylene film is made using coextrusion.

12. Applicable to deep and semi-deep steel molds.

13. Applicable to any plastic surfaces and painted automobile body.