Laminated Mixed Films

Laminated Mixed Films


These products are manufactured in 2 or 3 different layers by lamination technique. The final product achieves printing quality stability in storage and distribution process, improved glossy appearance and other profitable properties of films altogether. For example, aluminum sheet provides several advantages, such as metalized packaging, gas escape prevention, product’s increased durability, anti-slip, sunray-proof. But heat sealing cannot make it a totally sealed sachet. Therefore, a laminated polyethylene layer would be practical, and yet it can be used for packaging any liquid such as juice.

The mixed material film laminates include:


Suitable for snacks, ice cream and sugar packaging.


Suitable for beans, spaghetti and sugar cubes packaging.


Suitable for washing powder and sugar packaging.

PE + CPP :

Suitable for washing powder, sugar packaging and glossy custom shopping bags.

PE + Petfillm:

Suitable for long-term storage, such as ready-made paste.

PE + AL.foil+petfilm:

Suitable for any liquid packaging, such as lemon juice, shampoo, sauce, etc.

PE + PE:

Suitable for any protective covers and washing powder.