Hygienic and Cellulose Films


Hygienic cellulose packaging because of its beauty and hygienic conditions acts as an incentive to purchase. For a long time, baby diaper and sanitary pads manufacturers in Iran have been solely after cheaper and more beautiful packaging without considering hygienic requirements. That is why many women and babies were allergic to these products and therefore demanded foreign alternatives.

As the country’s largest producer of polyethylene, Rangin Kaman Petro-polymer Company has received Health Department permit (no. 10858/22) at the outset. In addition to their hygienic conditions, all the products including food and hygiene products present excellent printability (LPI 175), resistance, glossiness, slippage and efficiency of films.

These properties and ideals, along with technical knowledge and experience of directors as well as modern technology imported from Germany have made this company a leader in packaging industry in Iran and a major supplier of excellent products.