3-layer and Shrink Films

General Purpose 3-layer and Shrink Films


Our products can successfully compete with similar products in the market because we hold Health Department Permit for our products and we use premium materials and high-tech development process. For example, in most cases reducing the thickness to 10-15% (improving quantity and measure of packaging per kilogram) even increases the efficiency and tolerance.

Our products are compliant with international standards in terms of thickness variation, and it is possible to produce a film with only +3% (2 sigma) thickness variations per unit area. This is an advantage comparing with the films with at least +10% thickness variations per unit area which are now available in the market.

For example, a pharmaceutical company used to pack their products in sacks with 80-micron thickness; however, by using our company’s products, it has decreased the sack’s thickness to 68-70 microns which means a thirteen percent saving.

Moreover, a tomato paste manufacturer replaced its 100 micron Shrink film with 85 micron films; therefore the costs were reduced by 15%.