Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Bags

Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Bags


With three Reifenhauser 3-layer film production lines for FFS bags and with production capacity of 8000 tons FFS films per year, we are honored to be recognized as the largest unit of its kind in Iran. Thanks to its 3-layer film technology, and our team of packaging experts, the final product is non-sticky inside the sack and the outer layer uses a high-friction film for best pallet stability to ensure that the sacks stack properly in petrochemical complexes.

In addition to all the laboratory tests mentioned above, the packages have successfully passed the physical tests such as The Drop Test (dropping from a height) from a height of 3 meters. Moreover, height can vary up to 6 meters if desired by optimizing packaging film structures.

Rangin Kaman Petro-polymer Company meets the following standards:

1. ASTM D4635: For the roll’s physical appearance and its inner yield.

2. ASTM D1709: For impact testing.

3. ASTM D882: For tensile testing.

4. ASTM D1922: For the degree of elongation at tearing testing.

5. ASTM D1899: For coefficient of friction testing.

6. ASTM F88: For seal strength testing.

7. JIS Z1711:  For stability testing of printing inks.

8. Gloss Meter: For measurement of the surface gloss.

9. Ha3e Meter: For the ink coverage testing.

10. Micro Meter: For measurement of film thickness.