5-layer Thermoforming Films

5-layer Thermoforming Films



The 5-layer films made of EVOH or polyamide help avoid spoilage by keeping oxygen and odors out, while keeping the flavor, aroma and atmosphere inside where they belong. This protects the value and quality of foods and prolongs shelf life without artificial additives. It guarantees that the product is safe and healthy, and it keeps its vitamins intact when reaching the end consumer. As the food industry continues to target reduction of the total amount of packaging, 5-layer flexible films remain so popular and the largest appeal worldwide. This popularity comes from the superior packaging performance of EVOH and polyamide compared to all other conventional polymers. Optimized portion size, light weight and extended freshness help improve the efficiency of storage, transport and other processes, saving costs.

5-layer films have thermoforming characteristics that are much closer to those of PP and even PS. 5-layer flexible films containing EVOH and polyamide layers can be laminated onto thin sheets to produce food trays, providing exceptional clarity and barrier performance even with deep thermoforming.

Typical Applications:

Mineral water, milk, sauces, bologna, tea, nuts, dried nuts, washing powder, sausages, dates, sliced cheese, pizza paste, etc.