3-layer and 5-layer Packaging Films

3-layer and 5-layer Dairy and Milk Packaging Films


3-layer Pripack Film for Packaging Dairy Products

The company’s 3-layer Pripack products are thoroughly known as a highly resistant packaging in international and domestic markets. The 3-layer Pripack films are rendered in varied sizes and dimensions to meet customer’s needs.

The company’s recyclable films are licensed by Health Department (no. 22/10858) as healthy products to be used in dairy industries, and there is no negative effect on the quality of milk and dairy products.


–          At least 75% of raw materials can be saved in this type of packaging.

–          Lower package weight reduces the transportation costs, hence saving on costs.

–          Proper packaging can help ensure environmental concerns and generate less trash.

–          Reduction in costs results in less expensive products that are more appealing; therefore higher sales.

5-layer Film for Dairy Packaging

What is UHT?

Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) sterilizes food by heating it up to 135-150 °C (275-300 °F) for 1 to 4 seconds. This process is used for milk, cream, yogurt and soups.

Why is UHT processing used? The products can be preserved longer and stored more easily.

Raw milk can be preserved for one week if it is kept safe in 2.2 to 3.3°C (35.96 to 37.94°F). But note that raw milk can be a major cause of food poisoning.

Pasteurized milk is remarkably different from raw milk in terms of health and storage.

Heating milk to 71.7°C (161.06°F) for 15 to 20 seconds kills most of the bacteria.

Pasteurized milk stays fresh for 2 or 3 weeks. But note that it is necessary that the product be kept in appropriate temperature in a fridge or cold storage unit (cold chain maintenance) during the production, distribution and consumption. After some week, the bacteria which are not destroyed in pasteurizing process decrease the quality of milk and cause its spoilage.

Prolonging shelf life and freshness without cold chain maintenance:

Although only for a short time (1 to 4 seconds), heating at high temperatures in UHT processing destroys all the bacteria in milk. After sterilizing, if a suitable impermeable packaging (with 5 layers) is used, storage life can be extended to some months.

Note: UHT 5-layer packaged milk does not need cold chain maintenance for production or consumption processes, provided that the package is not opened.